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Decorated Cow Skulls - by Monica and Matt Moody -

I haven’t been posting much. I haven’t been creating much either. (Well, I have made a few things, but I’m pretty much in a rut. It happens. It will pass.) I will add the most recent creations here over the next several days, so as not to bombard my email subscribers with a ton of blog posts! 🙂

I lucked into a pretty decent collection of cow skulls that I am arting up, as time and inspiration permit. Somehow I managed to get my spouse away from the PS4 long enough to work on some with me. We’ve completed one each so far, and we have two more in progress that we’ll likely collaborate on.

My skull (on the left) was painted with Pebeo Vitrail, Pebeo Prisme, and Pebeo Fantasy Moon paints, and details were added with a silver leaf pen. I wrapped suede leather lace around the horns and added Czech glass beads and feathers.

Hubby’s skull (on the right) was painted with Krylon Hammered Spray Paint and adorned with a mosaic of river rocks, and jewelry bits and bobs. He wrapped the horns and created a cool hanger with heavy gauge wire.

I’m actually going offline now to experiment with resin embeds on another skull. Wish me luck!


  1. Very cool. Great use of embellishments.

  2. Very nice! Try out a spray primer/gesso &/or grout under your paintings/mosaics for an interesting twist:)

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