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All sorts of FAQ

The question I am most commonly asked about alcohol ink art is, “how do you seal paintings done on ceramic tiles?”

The answer is – I don’t know. I do know there is a TON of discussion about it online, but I’ll be honest – I skim past that quickly if it’s in a Facebook group or on a blog that I’m reading. I painted on a few ceramic tiles back in the day. I didn’t like working on tile, and I didn’t like worrying about how to seal them. Since I decided I have no interest in it in general, I sort of “blocked out” absorption of any information on the topic. Occasionally I have to do that, because there’s just so much information flying toward my brain on a daily basis that I already can’t keep up. 😉

If I’m not mistaken, the last time I painted with alcohol inks was June of this year. I have really been getting into other media, and while I am sure I will return to alcohol ink painting at some point, right now I am rusty and haven’t even been experimenting.

Of course, now that I am not currently using alcohol inks regularly, I am getting all sorts of questions about them. Murphy’s law. Also, I should know that any and every time I say the words “all sorts” out loud, I say it exactly like Forrest Gump’s mother. Thanks, Sally Field.

Here are some recent questions I’ve received via comments or email. If you happen to know the answer to any of them, please chime in below by commenting on this post. Feel free to link to your own website or blog if you have more information to share.

If you have your own questions, comment to post them below. Let’s just make this post an FAQ.


1. Can you use Perfect Pearls with Alcohol Ink?

2. Can you use Liquid Pearls with Alcohol Ink?

3. Can you use Glossy Accents with Alcohol inks?

4. Can you use Embossing materials with Alcohol ink?

5. Can you safely make alcohol ink into a spray?

6. What other products can be used with Alcohol inks (I know the basics)?



  1. Great idea, Monica. I love your work, whatever medium you are using and continue to cherish the AI Monarch I bought from you.

    There is such a growing interest in Alcohol Inks. I would say “no” to the question on making AI a spray. Not safe. I recommend caution when lightly misting or splattering with AI to create texture.

    There are so many methods being discussed for sealing tiles. The process I use is for decorative use only, not for trivets or coasters. In all AI art, there is the need for UV protection, as AI is dye based and not solvent based. For tiles, I use UV Protection and Rustoleum Clear Enamel. I’ve found Piñata holds up to sealing methods I use better than other brands.

    I’ve found AI and CitraSolv to be a disaster. The paintings never dried. And I’ve had great results combining AI with Golden Acrylic Glazing Liquid.

    • Sorry for the VERY late reply, June – but I wanted to thank you so very much! For the kind words, and for your expert advice. It is most appreciated!

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