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Bucket List

I’ve never really had a true “bucket list”, but it seems over the past couple of years, one has developed a bit organically. I’ll spare you the gory details on what all it entails, but one of the items on the list has sort of always been lurking in the back of my mind, though I never put any true effort into it: to become a published author. Imagine my surprise when opportunity knocked on my door, literally (ha! literally!) out of nowhere.

In a few short months, I’ll officially be a published author. No, I haven’t written a novel or an autobiography (again, sparing you the gory details), but I have contributed to two art technique books, both of which are soon to be released and as of right now, available for pre-order. To top it off, I’m in good company. My friend Jody Pham, intricate illustrator extraordinaire is also a co-author of one of the books!

What else is on the bucket list? Well, it’s growing – and sometimes changing – rapidly. I’ll keep things short and sweet on this topic for now, but I can’t promise you I’ll do the same in the future.

Links to pre-order both books are listed below. And since I am being all official, I figured why not make an Amazon author page too? 😉



Here is a list of the other fabulous artists who are contributing authors to these two books. Please be sure to visit their sites!






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