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Happy little trees

I experimented with a new substrate and was happy with my doodlings.  These little trees were created with alcohol inks and Sharpie/Micron on 4″ x 4″ Chromaluxe panels.  Sealed with triple thick acrylic glaze.

Please note this photo was taken with an iPhone after sealing, so it’s not the best representation.  They are shiny and vibrant in person.  The material is probably around 1/8″ thick and is aluminum-based, so these are solid but not as thick as something like ceramic tiles.


Happy Little Trees - alcohol inks & sharpie/micron on 4x4 chromaluxe panels - by Monica Moody


  1. I guess these trees aren’t really happy, since they’re dead. Creating them made me happy.

  2. I think they are great, love that you are experimenting with alc ink on metal. Very inspiring, thank you for sharing your beautiful work!

  3. I love these where did you purchase these to paint on.

    • Thanks Dawn! I ordered the Chromaluxe panels from You’ll see from that site that these panels are not made for painting on – they’re actually used for sublimation printing of photography, etc. But the inks do work on some of them (and do not work on others). I found that the white glossy finish was the one the inks would adhere to. I still have some panels left but didn’t like painting on them (or on ceramic tiles, though I know many other people love painting on tiles) as much as I like Yupo.

  4. What kind of Sharpies did you use and what size i.e.:fine, extra fine, blunt, etc.

    • It has been so long ago, but I believe I used fine point Sharpie(R).

  5. Did you seal once before drawing the trees on then again afterwards?

    • To be honest, I did those so long ago that I don’t remember 🙁 I feel like I painted the alcohol inks on, then used a Sharpie on top of that without sealing prior to using hte Sharpie.

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