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Hey, Ink: Don’t Do Me Like That!

Sometimes these things don’t turn out the way I want them to.  I had trouble executing my original plan for this little painting of Tom Petty (and I was heartbroken, nyuk nyuk!) so I decided I’d make it a “design” instead.

Alcohol inks on 5.5″ x 5.5″ Yupo, plus digital manipulation (added text and border).

As an added bonus, I tagged Tom Petty when I tweeted this photo. He (or maybe his “people”) retweeted it, and said, “Nice!” Woot!


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  1. So, the coolest thing ever happened yesterday. I tweeted this image a couple of days ago and tagged (is that the appropriate word to use – “tagged”?) Mr. Tom Petty in it. Imagine my surprise yesterday morning when I was alerted that @tompetty had retweeted, and commented (“Nice!”) on my pic.

    WOW. I’m still shocked. 🙂

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