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Houston, we have a show!

Hello from Houston!  I took a little trip here, which I do occasionally anyway since my awesome employer and co-workers are here…but this time I have a few other things up my sleeve.  The paintings below (Birthright, The Bride, and Tarantino) will be in a Tarantino-themed art show throughout the month of December at the Alamo Drafthouse in Katy.  The show is being curated by the Wonderbros, who do some really awesome stuff that you should check out!  I met Mike from Wonderbros and dropped the paintings off last night.  I wish I could stay long enough to see the show once everyone’s work is up, but alas, I must return to Dallas before that is possible. 🙁

If you’re in the Houston/Katy area, go check out the show; I’m sure there will be some cool art there.  My paintings are for sale as well.  🙂

Alcohol ink paintings on Yupo - by Monica Moody

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