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I did a little more experimenting with my Inktense pencils again, which I LOVE. I also enjoyed trying them on new paper (new for me, anyway) – Stonehenge. It was hard not to keep saying “Stoooooonehenge” over and over in a thick, British accent, a la “Spinal Tap”…because that’s what I do when I hear/say the word “Stonehenge”. So I did. I also turned it up to 11.Hummingbird - Inktense pencils on Stonehenge paper - by Monica Moody

Besides that, I enjoyed the smoothness of the paper and the fact that I could work wet or dry on it. I did another piece with Intense pencils on Arches Watercolor paper recently, and though I liked working on it, I felt that I might have a better result with adding wet washes to the Inktense pencils on a smoother paper, like Stonehenge – and I was right, at least in this particular instance.

Sadly, I ruined the piece by adding a background haphazardly. 🙁  Luckily I can cut this fellow out and re-use him, so I’ll consider this a work in progress for now and update later when I decide where he is going to “live”. This original is 8″ x 4″ overall, but since I’ll be snipping the bird and incorporating him elsewhere, I’m listing size for reference only.

I added a little detail around the eye with black Micron pen and white Gelly Roll pen and had planned to do more detailed line work throughout the piece, but I learned that I could not adequately mark over my layered color pencil areas (that had been wet with water), so chalk that up to learning experience. Maybe next time I’ll try drawing in ink and adding the colored pencil afterward. Ultimately, I liked the way the bird turned out, despite the fact that it wasn’t as intended.

I am experimenting. Always experimenting, always learning.

This hummingbird is a specific something-or-other, which I’ll have to come back and note later, as I don’t remember off hand what exact type it was. I did, however, take some liberties with the colors, as they do not necessarily reflect the colors in my reference photo.  😉

Update: I had so much fun and an overwhelming positive response to the first hummingbird that I decided to try another one. The second hummingbird is also done with Inktense pencils, on a 9″ x 12″ sheet of Stonehenge. The two birds are currently separate but I think I’ll end up combining them somehow, maybe on a collaged background. For now, they have combined via Photoshop.

Hummingbirds - Inktense pencil on Stonehenge paper - Monica Moody



  1. I love this little hummingbird! Thank you so much for walking us through the steps and materials you used. I am amazed at your talent and love looking at all your art. You are my inspiration!!! Thank you! 🙂

    • Awww, thank you so much Delo!!! 🙂 <3

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your processes… you have such a great talent! It is a joy to view your art.

  3. enjoyed your words of wisdom. Can the micron pens and inktense pencils be use on glass? That is my thing.. thanks =).

    • Hi Patty To be honest, I really don’t know, but I would feel pretty safe in guessing that neither of those would work well on glass. 🙁 (Also, sorry for the delay – I missed this comment somehow!)

  4. Love the artwork and even more so the descriptions of the tools you used, even the paper. I’ve recently gotten a lot of new pens markers and types of colored pencils, some I know how to use well, the others in still hesitant to test on projects. Refreshing to see someone else doing similar things and sharing what you are trying 🙂

    • I love to experiment, and I am addicted to buying too many art supplies. So, the two things kind of go hand-in-hand. 😉

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