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In My Mind’s Eye

It’s starting to look rather black & white here!

Micron pens on 9″ x 12″ Bristol.

In My Mind's Eye - Micron pens on Bristol - by Monica Moody

If you’re waiting on a commissioned painting (or just to see something in COLOR), don’t worry – I haven’t given up on painting with alcohol inks.  I just got into serious doodle mode and decided to bang this out while my hand/wrist/shoulder/eyes/head/neck would allow it.  Well, they didn’t actually allow it without complaint, but hopefully the ibuprofen will kick in soon.

I don’t know if I’ll sell the original.  It is my favorite creation to date…pretty much my favorite of anything I’ve ever done.  If you know me (even barely), you know that I am quite humble.  I consider it an honor any time someone likes, comments about, or buys my artwork…and you’ll never hear me brag.

But this one, I freaking LOVE.  I think it’s okay to say that.

Yes.  I am allowing myself to say that.

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