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Inachis io – available at For the Love of Kettle

Inachis io - mixed media on Yupo - by Monica Moody

I haven’t painted any inky things since June of 2014; I guess I needed a break. Here’s my first for 2015! Inachis io (peacock moth) is mixed media (mostly alcohol inks, plus Sakura gel pens and opaque marker) on 9″ x 12″ Yupo, mounted to board.

This new piece will be available for sale at For the Love of Kettle – a special, one-night event on Saturday, February 7th. The doors open at 7pm, but if you’re interested in scooping up some art for a killer price, you better get there early. 5pm might be a good idea. There will be a line to get in this thing, and the rush when the door opens is very much like Black Friday (from what I hear – I don’t go out on Black Friday!)

Did I mention that each 9″ x 12″ piece of art up for grabs at Kettle is only $50? Yes, FIFTY dollars. And the participating artist roster is like a who’s who of Dallas art. Except that they let me in it too. Ha!

How does the sale work? Each piece in the cash-and-carry, one-night show has a number. When the doors open, you run in (I’m not kidding) and quickly write down the number(s) of the piece(s) you want and get to a table where volunteers are waiting. Give them your numbers to register (and later, your name will be called to check out and obtain your new treasure.) Keep in mind that this whole deal is first-come, first-served. Nothing guarantees that you get the one(s) you want, as someone ahead of you may have requested the same item(s). This is why getting there EARLY is important. Even better, bring a friend, so you can tag-team it: one can jump in the line while the other frantically shouts out numbers of paintings to try and get. Others will be doing this. It will get loud.

It’s terribly fun and a great way to add to your art collection, or start one, for an insanely small amount of cash. A lot of folks leave with multiple pieces. Can you blame them?

This will be my third year to participate in the For the Love of Kettle event. Last year, I was astonished to see my piece ended up being number “1” (not first place, this isn’t that kind of thing) and was in the front window of the gallery! I was a little late (7:05) so I missed the doors opening AND missed meeting the buyer who snagged my piece in the first few minutes. Luckily we connected later via Facebook.

Here’s what Kettle Art has to say about the event:

“For the Love of Kettle” is perhaps the most highly anticipated event of our year. This one night only, fundraiser keeps Kettle Art Gallery operating in the black, allowing us 51 weeks a year of eclectic, North Texas based, cultural programming. Over one hundred and twenty, 9 x 12 works will be available for just $50.00 each, created by artists that exhibit & support this gallery. There will be no, zero, zip, zilch, previews or purchases before this exhibition, so please get here early and grab a place in line. The doors open at 7:00PM sharp.

For a brief rundown on how this event goes down, here is a blog post / review done last year by a gentleman named Bill Chance who got himself a Clay Stinnett piece.

Attention Artists: If you would like to show us your portfolio this show is one of the best ways for us to get to know you and see your work. You are also encouraged to participate in this show because this show is followed by the “Love of Artists’ exhibit, which runs for two weeks. The ‘For Love of Artists’ show offers you 100% of sales as a payback for supporting Kettle Art.

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  1. Most of the people in the front part of the line were participating artists – it was fun talking to them. Also, a lot of people said that this sale was popular not only for the price, but for the small size of the art. So many said they had art they couldn t put out because they were out of wall space.

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