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Kaya - pyrography & mixed media on birch - by Monica Moody -

Well, I did it. I somehow created my favorite piece of art I’ve ever made, and I didn’t want to let her go…but I had to. She was auctioned off last Saturday at Art Con 11, with proceeds benefiting MAP (Make Art with Purpose).

I named this piece after my daughter, Kaya (the name is of Hopi Indian descent and means “elder sister”).

Kaya is a warrior, and the animal symbols in her head piece and tattoos represent three things that I hope my daughter experiences in life: wisdom (owl), courage (hummingbird), and freedom (peacock). Of course I wish those same things for my son, but it would’ve been weird to name a Native American woman after him. 😉

After many hours of woodburning, color was added with mixed media including charcoal, watercolor, ink, and silver leaf.

I was lucky to meet the winning bidder, who is awesome – and I can’t thank him enough for giving Kaya a good home and for contributing to a great cause.

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