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Lapis Tyto (blue barn owl)

Ever seen a blue and purple barn owl? Me neither. Not only did I make some weird color choices, I also punished myself by insisting on using a Q-tip to paint the owl. Soooooo many dots! I wonder how many? I lost count! Fun with OCD.

Lapis Tyto is a new piece that’s destined for my solo exhibition at the Warehouse Living Arts Center in Corsicana, Texas (which opens March 2nd.)

Ink on Yupo, 18″ x 24″.

Lapis Tyto by Monica Moody -  ink on Yupo


  1. You are a riot! I love your humor! Your art is great too although the skull stuff kind of freaks me out a little….lol
    The point is, weird stuff or not (smile), you’re a wonderful and gifted artist!

    I started alcohol inks about a year ago. Just absolutely love them. Occasionally I’ll go online and see what’s out there. I found you this time. Glad I did! Keep creating!

    God Bless, Ilona

    • LOL! Thank you so much, Ilona. I am actually flattered that you thought something of mine was weird…I always feel like I’m pretty boring 😉 I have always been fascinated with bones, anatomy, skulls – not because I’m particularly “dark” or anything – I just think it’s cool that we are all basically made up of the same components, and I tend to find beauty in unusual things.

      I hadn’t painted with alcohol inks for many months and found when I pulled them out again, I was VERY rusty. I talked to the inks, and I was not friendly. “WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME?!” Then I reminded myself how much I hate painting with paint (because I’m not good at it), and things felt right again.

      Thanks for the kind words, and best of luck to you! 🙂

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