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Mixed media butterflies

I took a break from painting during the holidays, 1) because I needed a break, and 2) because I had to restock inks and wait for them to arrive. I had some ideas about mixing printmaking with alcohol ink painting, though…and when the new inks arrived, I had to try it out.

Because Yupo is synthetic and non-porous,  ink sits on top of the paper and is not absorbed.  I did test prints on both Yupo and more traditional block printing paper to see the difference.  Though the linocut print on Yupo seemed raised and pitted, maybe even a little jagged – I liked it.  Or maybe I liked it because I was determined to make this experiment work, whether it actually did or not!

Anyway, here are a few of the results.  It was a rather lengthy and intense process, and I plan on documenting it here for any alcohol inkers who are interested in trying it (or for printmakers who may be interested in playing with alcohol inks.)  I haven’t decided yet if I want to do a limited edition or keep it open.  I am not a very experienced printmaker; thus I am unsure of how many prints I could pull from this one plate before it peters out.  I used a Speedball mounted linoleum block.

Mixed media experiment: linocut printmaking + alcohol ink painting by Monica Moody

Note: because the printmaking ink is sort of “raised” on the Yupo paper, these did not scan very well.  They are much more vivid and detailed in person.  Since I will not be making prints – of prints – I felt there was no need to try and scan or photograph at a better quality than this.  I’m simply documenting a process and sharing it with those who may be interested.  I’m also full of disclaimers today! 😉




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