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Mousai (muses) Solo Art Exhibition

Tonight begins my first ever solo art exhibition! The opening reception is from 7-10pm at Absinthe Lounge in Dallas. Click this link for the Facebook event page with more details.

I’ll be showing 8 original pieces from my Mousai series and will also have available a selection of prints – of pieces in the show as well as my catalog of past work. Jimi will be there along with 8 of the ladies below.

I’ll have four of these special 16″ x 20″ prints (below) featuring all 8 of the ladies from the show (and one who sadly departed before she could meet the world.)

If you’re not local or otherwise unable to make the opening tonight, any pieces that don’t sell in the silent auction (7-10pm) will remain on display, and are available for sale, at Absinthe Lounge until August 16.

Mousai - Mixed Media pieces by Monica Moody

Why Mousai?

In Greek mythology, The Mousai (muses) were the goddesses of music, song and dance, and the source of inspiration for poets. I imagine that each of the females in the portraits I’ve created was the muse for a songwriter, and as such, her portrait has been named for the song she inspired.

These songs are by some of my favorite musicians, and this is my way of paying homage to them. Music is -my- muse, and without it I would not be creating art.

This series was also inspired by my favorite visual artist, Julie Zarate, whose work I have followed for years and admire more every day. Julie creates masterfully in a variety of media, and while her subjects also vary, much of her work reflects the empowerment of women. You can see Julie’s work at the link above, or at her website.

Patrick Nagel was another inspiration, as part of my process for these portraits is similar to his method of starting with a photograph and simplifying down from there to “necessary” elements.

Of course I add unnecessary elements too. 🙂




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