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Not all those who wander are lost

Inktense pencils (for the watercolor effect) and Sigma Micron pens on 11″ x 11″ mixed media archival paper.wander

Watercolor (Inktense pencils) in progress

Watercolor (Inktense pencils) in progress

I recently made this mixed media butterfly piece for a contest that Jody Pham had on Instagram that was sponsored by Sakura of America, maker of mine and my husband’s most favorite pens: Sigma Micron. 🙂 Jody is such a talented artist, definitely way up there on my list of faves! And sweet as pie, to boot. Check out her featured artist profile that was published recently at the new Sigma Micron site! Way to go, Jody!



Anyway, I didn’t win the contest, but I had fun and learned a lot from the challenge. I do not typically include words in my art (except that of the digital kind, which is the day job.) Also, I had never really “doodled” in anything but black & white – at least not since high school anyway. A quote was part of the contest requirement, so I went a great one I relate to from Tolkein. The decision to add color was purely in the interest of going out of my comfort zone.

I am all about color in 90% of what I create, but when it comes to doodling, I so love the look of black and white, especially for detailed and intricate work. But I told myself, c’mon it’s a butterfly. It has to be colorful.

And so, I wandered…for like 9-10 hours. It was a great way to spend a Saturday.

At this time, the original is not for sale. I have had numerous requests for prints and am working on that. There may even be a t-shirt or some such.

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