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Rambling About Rival Sons and Stuff

Rival Sons Leather Cuffs   Rival Sons Guitar Straps

Update: I recently traveled to Nashville to see Rival Sons. I ended up making five of these, and they’re now with their rightful owners. 😉

It isn’t often that I create something for myself, but I just HAD to do this. Anyone who really knows me knows how much I LOVE my favorite bands, Rival Sons and The Roomsounds. (Is there something special about bands with “RS” names? I haven’t figured out the connection yet, but I’m sure it exists. It’s not a Rolling Stones thing. I like the Stones as much as the next person, but I am more partial to Zeppelin and always have been.)

Meeting Jay Buchanan from Rival Sons - Monica Moody -

Meeting Jay Buchanan

I’ve been a fan of Rival Sons since a friend recommended them to me in 2011. As their touring has not brought them to the southern US much, I have only seen them live once, in May of 2015. (Update: have now seen them 5 times! Woo!!) My friend and I managed to get on the front row and enjoy an amazing show, and – BONUS!!! – meet the entire band afterward. This 40-something, suburban-living mother of two instantly became a 16-year-old fan girl, complete with near-tears and the spouting of silly sentiments. Ever professional and completely down-to-earth, it didn’t seem to phase the Sons. Maybe they are used to that sort of thing, being awesome and melting hearts and whatnot.

Rival Sons - woodburning - pyrography - by Monica Moody - monicamoody.comIf I am lucky enough to say hi when I see them again in February, hopefully I’ll have something better to say. I should start planning now and can rehearse on our road trip from Dallas to Nashville. I suspect this will annoy my travel companions, which is all the more reason to do so.

While I haven’t deciphered the “RS” phenomenon, I do know of one important “coincidence”: Rival Sons work with Dave Cobb who also produced Chris Stapleton’s Traveller album. No. It’s not a “coincidence”. Dave Cobb is the man. He eloquently captures the magic of musicians in a way that is organic and real: no sugarcoating. Well, maybe a pinch of sugar, but not a 5lb. bag.

Proving that I have exceptional taste and that all truly wonderful things are somehow connected, I’ve just read an interview with Mr. Cobb in which he states:

“I heard about Stapleton through Rival Sons, too. The singer, Jay Buchanan, is one of the best I’ve ever heard, and I respect his opinion a lot. He said they’d met Chris or somebody who was related with him at a truck stop, when Chris was in The SteelDrivers. Jay opened up YouTube and played me a video of The SteelDrivers singing together in a little bar, and the sound, even coming through the YouTube video was like, man, you know, you got chills.”

Now I need my musical dream to come true and get Rival Sons, Chris Stapleton, and The Roomsounds together for the ultimate concert bill. Preferably in my back yard, but I’ll need a new house and yard first. If Chris Cornell wants to come sit in and round out my crew of favorite singers, there will be room for him too. Etta will be there in spirit, and I’m ready to sing backup.

I digress. What is this post about again? Oh yeah! I’m an artist.

So check out this plaque I woodburned. Jeez, I hate the word “plaque”. Disclaimer for lawyer-type people: I did not create nor do I own any rights to the Rival Sons logo or the winged lions, have no intent to profit from my creation in any way, blah blah blah. It’s just too cool of an image to not adorn my own wall with, and apparently Rival Sons are fine with me sharing this (see below).

I’ve been toying with time lapse and video stuff, and this seemed like a fun project to demonstrate my process. So, I burned away…and it’s crazy how almost 5 hours of work became 2 minutes. You should watch the video below. It’s pretty cool.

As I do with most of my work, a piece doesn’t feel “complete” until I have shared it. So I got my social media on, put it out there on the internets, and as luck would have it, my little @rivalsons tag caught someone’s attention, and I was re-tweeted by Rival Sons. Or more likely, by their “people”. I don’t care if the janitor at the record label re-tweeted it, it got re-tweeted. The janitor usually knows what’s up more than the big dogs anyway.

No offense, big dogs. I can only say that because I’m not seeking a record deal.

I have another Sons-related project in my head and some artsy things planned with The Roomsounds, which I’ll ramble about (while singing more “RS” praises) soon.

A huge, heartfelt thank you to both bands and others mentioned above for the continued creative inspiration and for restoring my faith in the future of music.

Here’s some of that inspiration:



  1. Amazing work! I wish I had the talent.

    I been in love with RS since early 2012. To live in Sweden has given me the opportunity to see the band six times.

    But when you get hooked on RS you are hooked.

    Now one me and another fellow “son” is preparing a release party on the 10th IG June to celebrare the new album at fairly good rockpub in Stockholm.

    I can’t wait until the next crafted RS object.

    Keep on Swinging

    • Thank you so much, Anders! I believe 2012 was the year I discovered RS as well. An online friend posted the video for “Face of Light” on my Facebook page and said he thought I would like the band. I did, so I went YouTube-ing and the next thing I found was P&T. Of course, I was immediately hooked after THAT!

      Your release party sounds fun. I’m sure you guys will have a great time! I will be celebrating quietly at home, at least for the first few listens in Bose headphones. After that, we’ll probably annoy the neighbors a bit. 😉 Cheers!

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