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Sketchy Subjects

I have a confession: I do not sketch. I have had many sketchbooks over the years, and I doubt any of them have had more than 2 or 3 “used” pages, unless I ended up using them for writing or taking notes…or making grocery lists. I recently gave two of my almost-empty sketchbooks to my daughter (who has filled at least 10 books over the past few months, as she’s gotten into drawing anime and manga fan art). I’m glad the books were finally put to good use and are no longer on a shelf, collecting dust.

I will probably never regularly “keep a sketchbook”, but I am now making an effort to draw a little more. I am working on a couple of pretty “big deal” paintings, and I find that I feel the need to clear my head or take a break and do something completely different – usually right before I start or when I’m in the middle of a project (usually while questioning myself.)

These were the results of two of those recent “breaks”. Does sketching require certain media? Mine is mixed. 🙂 Both of these pieces were done with my favorite watercolor pencils, Inktense pencils by Derwent and my favorite pens, Sakura Pigma Microns on 6″ x 8″ archival mixed media paper.

Koi drawing by Monica Moody |



Luna moth drawing by Monica Moody  |

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