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Subterranean Saturday

Monica Moody alcohol ink art Underground 2013 DallasHello, Sunday – or as you’ve now come to be known, “The Day After Underground 2013“.  I’m tired, y’all.  😉

As is customary for me at art shows, I forgot to take many pictures.  Thankfully, there were lots of photographers and videographers there to capture the magic, and I’m sure the fruits of their labor will be showing up online over the next few days.  Here are some great pics from Travis G. Lilley.

This was my first experience with Underground.  It was loud, hot, and packed with a full house…and it was awesome.  I have never seen so much amazing art in one place at one time!  (Also of note: I loathe the overuse of the word “amazing”, so if I use it, rest assured that I am not doing so casually.)  There is some serious, jaw-dropping talent in DFW, people.  I was blessed and honored to be included in this group.Monica Moody alcohol ink art Underground 2013 Dallas

I could go on and on about the tireless efforts by the Art Love Magic family and volunteers; these people do everything in their power (and then some) to host killer events and connect local artists with the public.  To say it’s greatly appreciated is an understatement.

The coolest thing about doing group shows like Underground is having the opportunity to become part of a community of artists.  I have found the Dallas/Ft. Worth artist community to be a supportive one, where people are willing (often eager) to help each other any way they can.  I’m sure there’s an exception to this rule, but luckily I have not yet discovered it.

Monica Moody alcohol ink art Underground 2013 Dallas Mike Moffatt Art HungerOne of those people is Mike Moffatt, who is an awesome artist and one of the wizards behind the curtain at Art Hunger.  These guys are nearing their one year anniversary and have a big to-do planned: check out the Facebook event page here.  Mike and I made an art trade, which I couldn’t be happier about.  🙂  Thanks, Mike!  I’m finally starting my own art collection and am proud to have this piece in it.

Being around other artists is a constant source of inspiration.  I used to paint with acrylics way back when, but I wasn’t involved in any groups, never had a show, etc.  I always felt stuck, stagnated, and stifled.  But since I’ve gotten out into the art world, that has changed.  I may still occasionally have a bout with blank canvas syndrome (er blank paper, since I don’t paint on canvas) but it is rare.  Now it seems instead of never knowing what to paint, I have to work to keep the list of ideas short enough to manage.

Jody Pham iphone case illustration Underground 2013 DallasOne of those inspirations is Jody Pham, whose intricate illustrations never cease to astound me.  I am ecstatic to have picked up one of her new iPhone cases last night!  Seriously, I am so in love with this thing.  I must have another of her designs.  Maybe 3 more.  Maybe 5.  I just adore them so much.  I would do a back flip if I could!  Okay, this is starting to sound stalkerish, and I don’t want to scare Jody since we’ve only recently met.  Reel it in, fan-girl.

One last thing.  I’m sure to some people think these art shows, especially one as big and loud as Underground, seem like a big, fun party.  Sure, they are a good time, but they’re also a lot of work.  I could not have managed last night without the help of my good friend (and also talented artist!) Amy Smith and my “manager”, Matt Moody.  THANK YOU.  I love you guys!  🙂

I will likely “retire” from shows for a bit – to recharge, catch up on commissions and start on some new projects, but of course I will add any new plans to the calendar.

Thanks again to Art Love Magic for having me at Underground 2013!  And thanks to everyone who came out to support LIVING, local artists.  The dead guys don’t need your money.  😉


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