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Technical Difficulties

Have I really not posted in over a month? I’ve been rather out of commission for a while now; I had back surgery a few weeks ago. I had hoped to be more productive creatively during my time at home, but my orders were to spend more time on my feet and less on my backside. Since I usually sit to create (I even paint flat, on a table), this has been challenging.

I’ve learned to do some things while standing! I did some experimenting with PanPastels, made monoprints with a Gelli plate, and fired up the woodburner a bit. I’ll post more details on some of these projects soon.


Mostly, I focused on recovery, which is ongoing. It seems like everything is a work-in-progress right now – my art as well as myself. I guess you can say I’ve had some technical difficulties (namely, my spine), but I consider this a temporary setback.

I’m taking a break from art shows to continue working on getting back to 100% (whatever that is), while gradually pursuing some mixed media interests. I’m also starting a couple of larger-than-usual pieces. 🙂

What are you doing?



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