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The Monarchy Project: Pre-sale

Buy them before you can buy them!  What?

I have just completed what I’m affectionately calling my “Monarchy Project”, which is a limited edition of 20 hand-pulled linocut block prints, each hand-painted with alcohol inks.  No two are the same, and there will be no more made (trust me, I’m over these butterflies.)

Is it a print or a painting?  I don’t know; you tell me.  It’s not a print in the traditional sense of the word: it is not a reproduction of an original piece of art.  Each of these butterflies is an original piece of art.

I’m working on a rather lengthy blog post that details my entire process from start to finish, but it may be a day or two before I can wrap it up.

For now, I’d like to offer a “pre-sale” of sorts, as this edition will be taken to From the Ends of the Earth in Oak Cliff on Saturday, February 9th, and will be displayed/for sale there in celebration of their 8th Anniversary.

So, if you want one before they go to the store, here’s your chance.  To get in on the pre-sale, check out the pieces below (click thumbnails to enlarge)  and either 1) reply to this post below, or 2) comment on the Facebook thread that links to this page – BE SURE TO INDICATE THE NUMBER OF THE PIECE YOU WANT!  Each piece is numbered 1/20…2/20…3/20…and so on.  Note the caption under each thumbnail.

Each piece is a hand-pulled linocut print, painted with alcohol inks, on 5×7 Yupo – matted to 8×10 and signed (as shown) and will be numbered (not shown) and packaged in a clear bag.

Price is $35.00 each, plus tax (for Texas residents).  I prefer payment via PayPal but can also accept credit/debit cards via Square, or cash if you’re local.  Will ship within the U.S.A. via Priority Mail for an additional charge of $5.00.

  • The pre-sale is limited to 10 pieces and ends at 2:00am Saturday, February 9th.
  • You can choose from any of them, but only 10 total can be sold before Saturday, February 9th.
  • First come,  first served.
  • Date and time of comment(s) will determine who has dibs (regardless of website vs. Facebook comment).
  • Payment must be made within 48 hours of notification and your receipt of invoice. If payment is not made within 48 hours, your “dibs” is gone, and the next person in line will take your place.
  • I reserve the right to add more rules as necessary, when it’s not 2:40am and I can think more clearly.
  • All sales are final.


  1. Thanks June! 20/20 is yours 🙂

  2. 20/20, 8/20, and 13/20 are sold.

  3. I LOVE these, Monica! I want #3 and #11

  4. 3/20 and 11/20 are sold.

  5. I want 15 of 20 please. My paypal account email is if you want to send me an official invoice and all?
    Thanks Monica!

  6. thank you Katherine! 🙂 15/20 is sold!

    note to everyone: i’ll be sending invoices and shipping paintings on Monday, February 11th. so far, i have contact info for everyone who has purchased.

  7. pre-sale ends tonight! 3 spots left 🙂

    • I’ll take #1 if it’s still available.

  8. Hi Monica,

    I love these … please reserve #17 … I think it is still available.


  9. 1 spot left! The following are sold:
    1, 3, 6, 8, 11, 13, 15, 17 and 20.

  10. I don’t suppose you have any plans for the plate, given that you don’t intend to make anymore?… just asking 🙂

    • I’m not sure yet what to do with it. I know since I ended this edition at 20, I can’t make any more. However, I am wondering if printmaking etiquette would allow for me to use the plate to make some B&W prints on mulberry or rice paper…since that would be different than this edition? I don’t know…will have to research. If it seems unethical to do that, I guess I’ll have to destroy the plate…or frame it. HA!

  11. done & done. 9 sold! thank you to everyone who reserved a butterfly. i’ll send paypal invoices monday and can ship the same day.


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