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Watercolor Monotypes

Here’s a sampling of the now 40 or so small monotypes I’ve been making with Dr. Ph. Martins Hydrus Watercolors on Yupo (Actually, just one color so far – black. Because it’s my favorite. And because it’s awesome.) I will ramble about this sometime soon, but for now let’s just say…I am in love with this process. Yes, I will do some in color too. Well, maybe! šŸ˜‰

Most of the pieces I’ve created thus far are 4″ x 6″, and a few are 5″ x 7″. Some of these seem to be abstract paintings, a few with implied representational or organic forms. Others are more akin to x-rays or vintage photos, which I adore… and that ultimately became the accidental intent of this series.

It all started with the smallest ones you see here (somewhere around 2″ x 3″). Those were just scraps of Yupo I was using as testers for the watercolors while working on a larger piece, which I ruined HARD.

I had to force myself to walk away from these and not add more detail, color, or anything more intentional. It was a much-needed escape that I intend to revisit and explore further. I believe there’s something to this spontaneity thing.

I’m glad that painting I’d started was a complete fail and that I noticed how much I liked the tiny little test pieces…as I was walking them to the trash.



  1. These are great.. I have been doing the same using black and sailboat blue alcohol inks..also doing watercolor and alcohol ink mixed media on yupo.

    • Thanks, Lambeth! I still love the B&W the best, but I’m gonna force myself to dip into the colors. Making more this week/weekend. So much fun!

  2. I love your work. Do you sell all of them in shows and online? I use these on copper plates. I have trouble coating them where the ink blends too much. What do you recommend for a final clear coat?

    • Thank you so much for the kind words. I do not currently have an online store but occasionally will make items available for sale on my Facebook page. I have only ever used copper once, and it was a thin sheet about 9″ x 12″ that I purchased at a craft store. I used some pokey things (lol) to emboss a design and then added alcohol ink. I sprayed the sheet with Krylon UV Resistant Clear Gloss (which is what I used on my alcohol ink and mixed media paintings on Yupo), and I did not have any problems…the ink on copper did not seem to be affected by the spray. Again, I’ve only done this once, so my experience is quite limited. Hope this helps, and good luck!

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